We welcome the opportunity to share gender pay gap information as it will help us have more meaningful conversations with our people and our customers about equality, diversity and inclusion.

Guidant is part of the legal entity Carlisle Staffing Plc, which has an overall median gender pay gap of 0%.

In the interest of transparency, we have also chosen to report on Guidant’s gender pay gap and that forms the content of this report. Information on Carlisle Staffing Plc and other legal entities within the Impellam Group can be found on impellam.com.

Taking Guidant alone, we have a median gender pay gap of 6.66%. Due to the nature of our business, a large proportion of the people included on the date of the snapshot were temporary employees placed with our customers. Although we have little control over their pay, they tend to receive a set rate, giving us a gender pay gap which is significantly below the national average which stands at 18.8%. Among our salaried people our median gender pay gap drops even further to just 3.40%. 

We are proud of the progress we have made on diversity and inclusion and understanding our gender pay gaps drives us to do more. We are committed to improving the gender balance of our senior management, which is key to tackling our gender pay gap.

We are investing in a range of initiatives to bring about change and this report outlines more detail about what we are undertaking as part of a broader focus on creating a more inclusive workplace.