Annual Conference

Annual Conference and Awards

Celebrating a year of outstanding achievements

Every year Guidant people come together for our annual conference, where we reward and recognise our team’s achievements.

During the afternoon, our Senior Leadership Team updates us on what’s happening throughout the business and outlines client success stories. After the business updates, we are ready for an evening of awards and celebration.

Prior to the event, we ask our employees to vote for the top performers of the last year – those who have produced outstanding work and embody our guiding principles and values in the way they go about their daily business.

Our Guiding Principles
  • We are candid – We will never shy away from sharing difficult truths; we are an open and honest partner
  • We are adaptive – We make the effort to listen and understand your needs; we always do what’s right, not what’s easy
  • We are insightful – We use our deep knowledge and intuition to make bigger leaps and expose bigger opportunities for our clients
  • We  are  you – We  put  you  first;  we  value  our  position  of  trust,  creating long-term engagements that meet the fullest objectives of our clients.
Our Values

Our team are passionate about making a difference to our clients through being:

  • Energised – Effort plus determination equals extraordinary results
  • Connected – Building and developing positive relationships
  • Inspirational – Positively influencing every outcome 
  • Progressive – Always developing, never standing still
  • Trusted – We say it, we do it 

Hear from our previous winners on what the awards meant to them: